Wristwear Fashion CoordinateA professional stylist coordinates listwear fashion matching the season and clothes!

May 2017


Coordinate POINT

A springy yellow green belt is perfect for the coming season. First of all it's also a small accessory to incorporate the spring color. The coordination is intricate according to the leather belt with a striped pattern of embroidered blouses with a popular embroidery, finished in a coordinated coordination with a green skirt according to the belt.

  • WATCH / CS-36RGIV ¥15,000 +tax
  • STRAP / TH-16GNRG ¥4,000 +tax


Coordinate POINT

Navy, red, saxophone nylon belt to match the casual style of OFF style. Even men's fashionable khaki is gray, gray, Beige's earth color 3 colors to coordinate the coordination, half a step ahead of the fashionable. Please enjoy the rough fashion by closing the earth color coordination with the navy face and the navy belt watch.

  • WATCH / AC-39SVNV ¥19,000 +tax
  • STRAP / AK-1805SV ¥4,000 +tax


川村 桃子 Momoko Kawamura

Momoko Kawamura

Born in Tokyo in 1980. Type B.
After stylist Aya Kaneko's assistant, he became independent with "CanCam".
In "CanCam", he was mainly in charge of Ebi channish OL project, and after that he was active in "AneCan" and other women's magazines, TV, WEB media.