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About repair / warranty period

Regarding the repair of the watch body (excluding the belt), we accept it at our Gallery shop or the shop you purchased.
In any case, "regular warranty" issued by Knot Co., Ltd. is required.
Be sure to attach a warranty card for battery replacement.
When sending directly to our company, you need to pack a watch with warranty card.
The warranty applies only watches which are used as normal.
Only watch movements can be repaired by warranty.
When you send a broken watch, be sure to fill out the necessary items on the repair request table (download) and include it.
* The overhaul of the mechanical watch will be treated as maintenance, so it needs fee. Overhaul charge will be 16000 yen.
*Overhaul fee may be changed due to fluctuation of parts manufacturing cost.

[Not applicable for warranty]

  • 1. Battery replacement (please read the instruction manual)
  • 2. Delay or malfunction due to the magnetic band (Please read the instruction manual)
  • 3. Changes in appearance that occur during use
  • 4. When there is no warranty card
  • 5. If you purchased in the warranty card and you do not have an authorized dealer name or purchase date
  • 6. When the lexical phrase has been corrected
  • 7. Failure or damage due to accident or natural disaster
  • 8. Failure or damage due to improper repair or remodeling by an authorized dealer or other than an authorized total importer

Please check before receiving repair service.

* After-sales service, repair on anything with no formal warranty issued by Knot Co., Ltd. is not accepted at all.
* In order to receive regular warranty and various services, a official warranty is absolutely necessary when requesting maintenance.
* Various warranty service is provided by Knot Co., Ltd.
* If you cannot attach an official warranty card due to loss, it will demand charge, please keep it carefully.
* In case of paid repair, I will contact the estimate.
*When the repair is finished, we will return your watch by home delivery service. On that time, the payment is cash on delivery. Sorry, you cannot pay by credit card.
* We will keep checking the arrival of the watch and we will not contact the repair completion date. Please note.
* Please keep the warranty card handy even after the warranty period.
* Please understand that the belt of the watch will be outside the repair / warranty application.
* If there is suspected magnetic stray due to clock stop or delay etc, there is a possibility that not only the watch but the easy lever part of the belt may be magnetized, so after wrapping the watch and the belt and including the customer service Please send.

◆ Maker's Watch Knot Repair Price List

* The repair fee will be announced at the total amount of "basic technology fee" and "parts price".

(Example 1) Battery replacement for CS-36: ¥ 2,500 (breakdown: basic technical fee ¥ 2,000 + parts cost ¥ 500)
(Example 2) Change case of CS-36: ¥ 6,500 (breakdown: basic technical fee ¥ 3,000 + parts price ¥ 3,500)


Basic technical fee

machine room¥1,500¥1,500¥1,500¥1,500¥6,000
Case room¥2,500¥2,500¥2,500¥2,500¥8,000

All amounts in the notation are tax-exempt.

* Quartz type · Solar type: basic technical fee includes basic internal cleaning and waterproof inspection.
* Mechanical: Basic technical fee includes precision adjustment of the movement, basic internal cleaning, waterproof inspection.

Machine room related parts charges

CS-36CC/AC-39SQ-32TS-36AT-38details of repair
Battery replacement¥500¥500¥500¥1,000Battery replacement + waterproof test
Back cover packing¥500¥500¥500¥500Battery replacement + waterproof test
Back cover¥1,000¥1,000¥1,000¥1,500¥3,000Case replacement + waterproof test
Movement¥3,000¥4,500¥3,000¥5,000¥12,000Movement exchange + waterproof test + packing exchange + running test

All amounts in the notation are tax-exempt.

Case room related parts price

CS-36CC/AC-39SQ-32TS-36AT-38details of repair
Sapphire glass¥2,500¥3,000¥3,000¥3,000¥4,000Sapphire glass replacement + waterproof test
Dial¥2,000¥2,500¥2,000¥2,500¥3,000Dial replacement + waterproof test
Case¥3,500¥4,000¥4,000¥5,000¥12,000Case exchange + waterproof test
Case IP coating¥4,500¥5,000¥5,000¥6,000Case exchange + waterproof test
Crown¥1,000¥1,000¥1,000¥1,250¥2,000Replace crown + waterproof test
3 needle set¥1,000¥1,000¥1,000¥1,250¥1,000Needle change + waterproof test
Chronograph hand set¥1,000Needle change + waterproof test
Push button set¥1,500Push Button Replacement + Waterproof Test

All amounts in the notation are tax-exempt.

Custodian duration

Quartz type · Solar type
We will have time from 2 weeks to 4 weeks.
Mechanical type
We will have time from 4 weeks to 6 weeks.

◆ Maker's Watch Knot warranty details

Quartz type · Solar type
1 year after purchase
Mechanical type
Three years after purchase
Under normal use condition based on the regulation, if trouble should happen by any chance, you can receive free warranty on the target place (watch body). Outside / out of the warranty coverage period are accepted for a fee. * Battery replacement will be charged within the warranty period.

【please note】

* Customer will be responsible for shipping costs when sending repaired items. In addition, when we send you by COD, we will charge the total amount with the shipping fee for the customer's burden at the time of returning the repaired item.
* We will not reissue the warranty card, so please notify us not to lose it at the time of purchase.
* We will have your time for repair of 2 weeks ~ 6 weeks.
(It may take time depending on the contents after confirming the symptoms)

Repair shipping destination

〒 180 - 0004
3-2-3 Kichijojimoto-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo La Casita 1A
Maker's Watch Knot Customer Service Center

* When sending the repaired product, please fill out the first piece of the repair request table (download) here, and bundle it with the broken watch.

【Inquiries concerning repair】

NAME / お名前
TEL / 電話番号
E-MAIL / メール
E-MAIL / メール(ご確認のために、もう一度ご記入をお願いいたします。)
COMMENTS / お問合せ内容