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MUSUBU PARTNER 林精器製造株式会社 [福島県須賀川市]

Continuing to make beautiful metal.
A world class precision metal processing factory.
Precision metal processing technology factory of the world highest level.

This Fukushima manufacturer boasts world class precision metal processing technology.
Having made watch cases since its founding, it now produces cases for Japan’s highest quality watches.
The manufacturer has been highly praised for its tradition of using Sallaz polishing techniques to create luxury watch cases. In 2011, it was awarded the grand prize in Fukushima Prefecture’s 4th Utsukushima Monozukuri competition.

World class precision metal processing technology.

“Sallaz polishing” is the synonym for Japanese luxury mechanical watches.


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The Knot flagship model AT-38 was created out of the desire to show Japanese customers who have abandoned mechanical watches how attractive these watches are. Precise high-beat movement manufactured in Japan, a case made with Japan’s most advanced high grade metal processing technology for mechanical watches, and a dial construction that has almost disappeared from the country. The AT-38 is a synthesis of dying Japanese watch manufacturing techniques offered as a highly precise mechanical watch at a fair price. It is the crystallization of the desires of Japanese watchmakers, and we are proud of this reasonably priced, 100% made in Japan mechanical watch.

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