Ever since our founding, we have held strong to our principles,
to continue to evolve and advance weaving and knitting technologies.
From a single strand of ribbon, to proprietary technologies for building jet engines,
we provide infinite possibilities and potential to wristwear.

SHINDO's technologies in weaving and knitting started in 1970 with textile products,
and now extend to everything from gorgeous decorative ribbons to the carbon materials for building jet engines.
From tradition and advanced technologies come fabrics that combine beauty and functionality.
Water repellency, elasticity, deodorization, shape-stabilizing capabilities, colors that change depending on the viewing angle, and exquisite prints.
These are all features that present the possibilities and potential of the future in wristwear. And we never compromise on quality.
Our quality standards - so thorough that they might be considered too strict in some circles - offer a glimpse into our DNA of Japanese craftsmanship.
We do not take lightly the tradition of Made in Japan craftsmanship, as we continue to weave the future in fabrics.

From Japan to the world,
we will continue to spread the potential of fabrics.

And one day, we may create wristwear
that will amaze the entire world.