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Unique denim for jeans created by
combining traditional and revolutionary technology.

Established in 1893. We began making Bingo Kasuri, and have continued onto making demin over 120 years.
Kaihara holds over 50% of the domestic market share, and is held in high esteem by old school and luxury brands for its high quality.
Our ability to sense the changing needs of the age and challenge ourselves, along with our insistence on quality, have made us a symbol of Japanese denim.
The unmatched experience and skill of Kaihara used to manufacture quality products through both traditional and revolutionary methods has come to surpass time and place, and is bringing Japan Blue denim to the world.

Threads spun of cotton.
9,600 threads become a piece of denim.

Denima grows with age,
making thorough quality management all the more important.


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Kaihara Denim Straight Shape Strap¥5,000 (Three colors)

We manage and store hand selected cotton from around the world in our 5,000 square meter cotton warehouse. The experience and skill we have gained through dying Bingo Kasuri indigo is put to use here in rope dyeing. With our famously refitted Kaihara shuttle loom, our professional selvedge artisans weave fabric using the Toyota automatic loom "typeG9". The unpresedented scale and quality of Kaihara Denim is now available in a strap. Try our Kaihara Denim Strap for an edging similar to your jeans, for a personal fit.

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