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Premium time pieces that guarantee unchanging brightness even after 10 years.

Time pieces inspired by the traditional designs that boasted popularity during the 1940s-60s when wrist watch designs reached their peak beauty. Sapphire glass and 316L surgical steel are used standardly based on the theme of combining premium materials. This brilliant collection upgrades your wrist through a thin case contrived through Japanese technology and minimal designs.



Sapphire glass

The Classic Series, which has traditional designs that carry on heritage, uses genuine sapphire glass, which boasts a Vickers hardness number of over 1,500. This innovative material, which has extremely high transparency and does not scratch easily, beautifully protects the important face forever.


Surgical Steel

The 1 piece case and case back, which look like they were carved out of purity, use surgical steel SUS316L.

316L Surgical Steel Composition Table

316 L Surgical steel ingredient table

Surgical steel SUS316L is widely used in the medical field as an anti-allergy material. Because it has a high molybdenum content and is highly resistant to corrosion, it protects the coating of the stainless surface, is strong against degradation over time, and has a non-magnetic property that protects the movement from magnetism, it is a premium material that is optimal for wrist watches.


IP coating

Polish Gold is a vacuum film formation IP coating developed as part of space development technology.


Movement made in Japan

All models are equipped with high functionality quartz movements made in Japan. (Pictured is the movement for the CS-36 series)