Tochigi Leather NATO

Tochigi Leather NATO

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Tochigi Leather NATO

Tochigi Leather NATO

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Color: Navy



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Try the combination with a watch
NATO strap made of "jeans leather", which include plenty of oil makes the strap a glossy look.
It is a masculine, military impression strong NATO strap, but also for the business scene, female users also want to use, by all means Knot is the NEW standard of the NATO belt.

※Lug width 18mm, buckle width 18mm model.
※Total length 250mm
※corresponding arm size(when wearing case diameter 36 mm watch): 140 to 210 mm
※Drilling service is not available.


Cow Leather
Corresponding arm size
 140 to 210 mm
Buckle width

※Drilling service is not available.

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Tochigi leather
NATO type

A classic NATO strap that always looks the part

The NATO strap was originally made longer so that military personnel could wear their watch over their clothes. This historical background has given NATO straps a strong masculine, military connotation, but Knot’s idea of a NATO strap sets a new standard for business use as well as for any gender.


Oil-treated Jeans leather for a glossy shine

The strap is made from Jeans leather (the type of leather used for jeans labels), which is one of the softest Tochigi leathers. Infused with oil for an attractive sheen, it adapts to your wrist every time you wear it. This means the strap does not become loose when worn on a smaller wrist.

Square-shaped metal loop for a sharp look

The strap’s square metal loop gives it a smart edge, making it suitable for business use as well as coordinating with a range of outfits.
This is Knot’s new standard for NATO straps.

  • Handcraft

  • Handcrafted by skilled artisans specialized in watch straps, from cutting the leather to finishing the edges, to stitching the side stitches.
    The reverse side is made from Nume (case) vegetable tanned leather, an exceptional material which further adds to the strap’s quality.



Tochigi leather is tanned exclusively with natural vegetable tannin, making it truly “one of a kind”.

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