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Tochigi Leather / Himeji Leather

Watch Case

The watch case is the ideal solution for storing multiple Knot watches and taking them on your travels. The case is available in a choice of two classic Knot leathers, each with its own special qualities. One is Tochigi leather, which is dyed to bring out the base color and takes on a beautiful appearance as it ages. The other is Himeji leather, which is pigmented, brightly colored and scratch resistant.

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Himeji Leather
Watch Case


Himeji leather is vivid in color, highly durable and scratch resistant, and alters very little with age.
Following on from our Tochigi leather watch cases, the Himeji leather version is now available in three of our most popular watch strap colors.

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Tochigi Leather
Watch Case

Tochigi leather is vegetable tanned in a natural process, giving it an elegant shine. The leather’s fine oil conditioning adds depth to its texture and, like the strap, takes on an aged appearance with use.

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Convenient storage designed especially for your watches

watch-case watch-case

The case can hold two watches and four straps, and it is supplied with five different EVA anti-vibration pads. This allows your watches to be stored with the perfect fit, protecting the precision mechanism. Equipped with a fully openable zip for secure opening and closing.

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Portable size
for easy transport


The case’s slim, rectangular shape slips neatly into a bag, making it easy to carry with you when switching your bag between work and leisure. It has a familiar feel, similar to a wallet, with just the right thickness for portability.

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