About Repair Inquiry

For watch repairs (excluding straps) purchased through the Knot global website, please contact our customer support in Tokyo as shown in the procedure below.
If your watch was purchased from one of our gallery shops or authorized retailers in Japan, you can either contact our customer support in Tokyo as shown below, or visit the gallery shop or authorized retailer.
* For purchases made in Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, or the Philippines, please contact your local distributor.

Warranty Coverage and Duration
The watch body is covered by warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase; 3 years for AT series models (AT-38/ATC-40/AT-40S/AT1-40S); the strap is not covered by warranty.

Please note that the warranty will only apply if the watch has been subjected to normal use in accordance with the user manual.
The following is not covered by warranty:
1) Battery replacement (please see the user manual)2) Inaccuracies or malfunctions caused by magnetization (please see the user manual)3) Changes in appearance of the case, glass, buttons, crown, etc.(scratches, discoloration, nicks and dents etc.) that may occur during use4) Absence of warranty card5) Warranty card not showing the name of the authorized retailer where the product was purchased and the date of purchase6) Modified wording on the warranty card7) Malfunction or damage due to an accident or natural disaster8) Malfunction or damage due to improper repair or modification by anyone other than an authorized retailer or authorized importer

Repair Process
1) To request a repair, please fill out the Repair Request Form (download) and take a photo or video of the part requiring repair, as well as a photo of your warranty card, and send as email attachments to global_info@knot-designs.com. Estimated repair costs can be consulted on this page.
We will provide the recommended repair method and repair costs within 7 business days.
2) A customer service representative will contact you within around one week. We will provide you with an estimated cost of the repair, as far as we can determine from the photos and video. If you accept this estimate, you can send the product to our Customer Center, at your expense, to the mailing address provided by email. 3) After the repair has been completed, we will send you an invoice link. Once payment has been confirmed, we will send the repaired product back to you.
* The shipping cost for returning the repaired product will be covered by us. (If any import duty and/or VAT charges are incurred, such charges will be borne by the customer).
If the product is under warranty, we will arrange for DHL to collect it from you for repair. Please pack the items so they can be collected on the date and time that you specify. If the product is under warranty, the shipping cost will be entirely free of charge for the customer, including the return shipping.
Even within the warranty period, it is possible that a fee will be incurred depending on the usage conditions of the watch, and other factors. In such cases, the repair will be carried out in the same way as the paid repair service described above, provided that the customer agrees to pay for the repair and the one-way shipping costs.
4) Repair time frame: Please allow 2-3 months for the repair.

a) Estimate:

1-4 weeks

b) Repair:


Quartz/Solar models:​

Approx. 5 weeks

Mechanical models:​

Approx. 8 weeks

Warranty Coverage for Repaired Products
- For customers who have received a repaired product:
Thank you for using our repair and maintenance service. If the same defect occurs in the repaired part within one year, we will repair it free of charge.
Regular maintenance (overhaul) of mechanical watches is covered by warranty for two years.
However, the warranty will not cover repairs relating to changes in appearance over time (scratches, IP discoloration, etc.), nor relating to malfunctions caused by improper use (e.g. drops, impacts, water ingress).
The Repair Completion Report is proof of the repair warranty and must be presented when requesting a subsequent repair. Please keep it in a safe place and do not misplace it during the repair warranty period. Thank you for your understanding.