How to Order

  1. Add Items to Cart

    Please click on the "Add to cart" button on the product page.

  2. Some items need time to ship because it’s reserving item.

    It’s an out of stock item written notes like “Shipping is 【month】because of a reservation item.”
    In case that you purchase more than one item, we’ll send items on same timing with the slowest delivered item.
    If your order is pressing, you need to purchase an item separate from final delivering items.

  3. Make sure the Cart

    Access to the cart page, then check products you ordered and amount.
    When you have determined your order, please press "Processing order" button.

  4. Login

    If you are a registered member of Knot, just login please. On the other hand, you are first time to use Knot, press the button "Member Registration" and get an account.
    More information about the membership registration.

  5. Designate address you want to be sent

    The address you inputted at membership registration term would be chosen first. If it’s fine, please go to next step.
    If you would like to send a luggage to any other address, please click button “New Address” and input an address.

  6. Select necessity of giftwrapping

    When you need free giftwrapping, please choose "Yes wrapping" from the pull-down menu.
    ※ Free giftwrapping isn’t available for only purchasing straps.
    More information about gift wrapping

  7. Select use points or not

    Please fill out how much points you would like to use for shopping. Customer who doesn’t have available points could not get discount by points.
    More information about the point

  8. What kind of payment would you like?

    Please select a way of payment.
    Click here for details on payment

  9. Communication space is available

    If you have any questions or messages, please use communication space.

  10. Final checking order

    Please confirm "shopping cart," "your information", "address," "payment way". If you’d like to change the order, please push button "Change" and rewrite. If not, please push button ” Order completed”.

    You have completed your order.