About Shipping

All orders will be shipped directly from Japan to the address you specify. Shipping will take approximately 7 to 10 business days, but will be postponed to the next business day if there is a national holiday in Japan.

We will ship your order the “next business day” after confirming your order. Please refer to the delivery schedule below before placing your order, as the delivery date may vary depending on the date and time of your order. Orders placed up to 23:59 (Japan time) each day will begin processing the next business day.

• Ordered on Monday 00:00-23:59 – Confirmed on Tuesday – Shipped on Wednesday
• Ordered on Tuesday 00:00-23:59 – Confirmed on Wednesday – Shipped on Thursday
• Ordered on Wednesday 00:00-23:59 – Confirmed on Thursday – Shipped on Friday
• Ordered on Thursday 00:00-23:59 – Confirmed on Friday – Shipped on the following Monday
• Ordered on Friday 00:00-23:59 – Confirmed on the following Monday – Shipped on the following Tuesday
Orders placed during public holidays will be processed according to the announced schedule.

Tariffs and VAT
Tariffs and VAT are set by the customs authorities of the country or region where the goods are purchased, and are based on the country of manufacture of the goods. The amount of duty is determined by the classification of the goods. The amount you pay at the time of purchase does not include local customs duties and VAT, which may or may not be levied at the discretion of the local customs office. For further information about this, please refer to the relevant tax authorities in your country.