AT-38 / ATC-40 Terms and Conditions of Use

  • Our mechanical watches (movement and case) are guaranteed free repair / adjustment service against any defects for a period of 3 years starting on the purchase date, provided that the watch was used as directed in the instruction manual.
    However, in the following cases, repair and adjustment service will be provided at cost even within the guarantee period.

    • ⮚  Scratches of the case and glass caused by use
    • ⮚  Water damage
    • ⮚  Damage caused by accidents or improper usage.
    • ⮚  Magnetism
  • Water-resistant

    AT-38 series are 5ATM water-resistant and ATC-40 series are 10ATM water-resistant.
    They can be used under conditions in the rain or sweat, but if the pressure of the water hitting the device is much higher than the static pressure such as taking the shower, or water from the faucet, the water resistant function may not be working
    Be aware of making sure you put the crown back to the original place, and don't operate the crown and buttons when moisture remains.

  • Magnetism

    Pay attention to surrounding electrical appliances like computers, mobile phones, magnets in furniture or bags because time indicated on watches may become incorrect if watches are affected by magnetism.

  • Precision

    AT-38 series may lose or gain time (-10seconds~+30seconds) slightly throughout the day (Temperature between 5℃~35℃)
    ATC-40 series may lose or gain time (-15seconds~+25seconds) slightly throughout the day (Temperature between 5℃~35℃)

  • Winding

    They are automatic winded watches (can also be hand winded), and the time accuracy of mechanical watches mainly depend on the amount that the mainspring is wound. The power to keeping is provided by the natural motion of the wearer's arm. It is strongly recommended that you wear more than 8 hours a day to make sure the watch get enough energy to run
    Poor time accuracy and shortage of running time of mechanical watches may be caused by less natural motion of the wearer's arms or keep unworn more than 30 hours for example, little amount of movement of arms during office work. At this time, you can self-wind about 30times
    *it is recommended that you wind up the mainspring every day, at a fixed time

  • Please do not change the date between 20:00 to 03:00. Apparently, that can screw up the date change mechanism in the movement.

  • The band is not covered under the terms of this guarantee

  • Please make sure that your purchase can not be refunded or returned