People who use, who create, who tell about Knot.
By connecting with wristwatch, a new world can be seen.

Takako Okumura / Suguru Mateo Mikami
Video creator, designer, photographer

Tokyo-to Chuo-ku Nihonbashi

The East Side of Tokyo, Nihonbashi Hamacho.
Walking course with my pet dog Oso along the Sumida River.

  • Spanish-born Mateo is a filmmaker. Tell the world about the charm of Japan with a camera in hand. His company "LOBO" means wolf in Spanish. "But wolves can't live alone. ", as it is said, shooting and editing the work with dozens of staff.
    His wife, Takako, is an important partner in both business and private life. When I asked each of them to say a few words to their partner, "Thank you for everything". They both had the same answer.

  • Watch : CD-40RGWH ¥19,000
    Strap : NCH-18WH ¥7,000

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  • Watch : AT-38BKBK ¥70,000
    Strap : NSN-18BKBK ¥4,000

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Takako: "I like a watch that is unisex but not too sporty and can be used for work.”
Mateo: "I like it all black! At the shooting site, I only wear black clothes."

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