Seishoku Co., Ltd.

Okayama Prefecture Okayama City

Seishoku has honed its tried-and-tested dyeing techniques ever since 1878.
While working to dye and process fabrics, the company has developed NUNOUS: a next-generation material created by upcycling out-of-spec fabrics.

Seishoku is a fabric dyeing and processing company with a history of over 140 years, traditionally focused on work uniforms, artificial leather, and colored denim materials.
Whatever the product, it has to be beautiful. The idea behind NUNOUS is to produce materials through upcycling which are even more beautiful than their original form, with the desire to move forwards to a sustainable future.

Seishoku continues to undertake innovative challenges in Okayama, where its treasured dying and processing techniques have been passed down the generations for over 140 years.

While strict quality checks ensure that the high standards of Japanese manufacturing are maintained, they lead to large quantities of out-of-spec products being discarded.

髙田織物 作業風景
髙田織物 作業風景 髙田織物 作業風景 髙田織物 作業風景
髙田織物 作業風景
髙田織物 作業風景 髙田織物 作業風景 髙田織物 作業風景


ムービー ムービー


岡山 セイショク NUNOUS トラディショナルシェイプストラップ

Okayama Seishoku「NUNOUS」
Traditional Shape Strap

NUNOUS is an all-new upcycled material created by Seishoku, a material dyeing and processing company in Okayama. It is made by laminating and slicing large quantities of fabrics which were rejected as out-of-spec products, due to the smallest scratch or stain, or the most imperceptible color difference. This is Knot’s first strap in the SUSTINO series, utilizing next-generation materials to create elegant, unique patterns that resemble natural wood grain.