SHINDO Co., Ltd.

Awara city, Fukui Prefecture

Techniques of weaving, knitting, and dyeing has been continuing to transmit from Fukui to the world.
Unique technologies ranging from a single ribbon to the carbon material of a jet engine give wristwear endless possibilities.

SHINDO's techniques of weaving, knitting, and dyeing, which began in 1970 with textile products, have now extended from decorative ribbons to carbon materials for jet engines, and continue to exert a major influence on the fashion world in New York, Paris, Milan, Shanghai, and other cities.
The result of tradition and advanced technology are fabrics that combine beauty and function.
Water-repellent, stretchable, deodorizing, shape-stabilizing, shape-stabilizing, the colors change with the angle of view, and the print is extremely delicate.
All of them expand the possibilities of the "future of wristwear".
The DNA of Japanese craftsmen can be seen in the highest level of quality standards, which are too strict and thorough.
In a time when most of the products are produced in Asian countries, the high quality ribbon straps made in Japan are made possible by SHINDO's manufacturing spirit.

SHINDO Workplace SHINDO Workplace

Continuing to promote the possibilities of fabric from Japan to the world.

SHINDO Workplace SHINDO Workplace

This is where beauty and quality wristwear that will surprise the world is born.

SHINDO Work scenery
SHINDO Work scenery SHINDO Work scenery SHINDO Work scenery
SHINDO Work scenery
SHINDO Work scenery SHINDO Work scenery SHINDO Work scenery


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Fukui SHINDO NATO nylon strap

Fukui SHINDO NATO nylon strap

The ultimate NATO nylon strap, developed in collaboration with SHINDO, one of Knot’s MUSUBU partner.
With thorough quality control, an excellent fit when worn, high functionality through advanced water repellency, and vivid colors and luster through a beautiful weave, the result is the ultimate made in Japan nylon strap.

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