AT-40S Terms and Conditions of Use

  • the movement of watch is guaranteed for a period of 3 years starting on the purchase date. Except,

    • ⮚  Scratches of the case and glass
    • ⮚  Water damage
    • ⮚  Failure resulting from misuse or carelessness
    • ⮚  magnetism
  • waterproof performance

    AT-40S series are 20ATM water-resistance. Please make sure the following points before using
    ・Please make sure that crown is locked before using
    ・You can use with marine sports or diving, however, there is a possibility that water pressure may be applied when entering the water or when you move your hands in the water
    ・It is highly recommended not to use while showering or bathing
    ・Please rinse with fresh water in case of contact with seawater or hot springs
    ・Do not operate the crown when it is wet; please wipe off with a cloth
    ・Periodic inspections are recommended to maintain water resistance function

  • failure resulting from misuse or carelessness

    Mechanical watch is a precision instrument consisting of hundreds of parts. Please avoid dropping, or bumping. It is highly recommended not to use while playing sports.

  • magnetism

    It is strongly recommended that you avoid electric fields or static electricity like computers, mobile phones, magnets in furniture or bags as these may interfere with the mechanism and cause error of the accuracy of time

  • precision

    AT-40S series can lose or gain time (-10seconds~+30seconds) slightly throughout the day (Temperature between 5℃~35℃)

  • winding

    This is automatic winded watch (can also be hand winded), which the natural motion of the wearer provides energy to run the watch. It is strongly recommended that you wear more than 8 hours a day to make sure the watch get enough energy to run. It may cause the accuracy and running time when the watch couldn't get enough energy, for example, little amount of movement of arms during office work. At this time, you can self-wind about 30times
    *it is recommended that you wind up the mainspring every day, at a fixed time

  • Please do not change the date between 20:00 to 03:00. Apparently that can screw up the date change mechanism in the movement.

  • The band is not covered under the terms of this warranty

  • Please make sure that your purchase can not be refunded or returned