About Points

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Save up Points, and Use !"

  • After finished deliver, it’s available
    1 point = 1 yen

  • Purchase price of
    1% to point reduction

To save up and use points, it’s necessary to register Knot membership.
Joining is free. Moreover, it is unnecessary admission fee and annual fee.

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Earn and Use points

At the time of purchase of watchs, you will be entitled to use as 1 point = 1 yen. Members of Knot can use points at next time to purchase.

  • Use in the online shop

    Please choose the "Use all available point" or "to take advantage of some point" at the payment method selection page.
    * Point is available for the total amount, including fees and consumption taxes.

Point expiration date

Point is valid for 730 days from the date on when you purchase. New points are granted a valid waiting, it will take effect after shipping products.

How to confirm points · Point status

When logging in to My Page, available points are displayed at the top of the page.
For detailed point history please select "point history" from the bottom menu.
The meaning of the point status displayed in the point history is as follows.

Effective waiting point: After purchase, it will be tentatively granted until the item is shipped.
Valid points: It is a point you can use.
Hold point: It is a point that is on hold for some reason.
Invalid point: It is a point which became invalid when you cancel the order etc.