Chikuzen Orimono Co., Ltd.

Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Hakata-ori is a traditional fabric that has been in use since the Kamakura period
Hakata-ori is a popular local craft good sold in Hakata, Fukuoka Prefecture. Considered among the three top textiles in Japan

Established in 1949. Chikuzen Orimono Co., Ltd. using its traditional knowledge and techniques to produce Hakata-ori, a traditional craft with a history of nearly 800 years.
The company has two traditional craft artisans on its roster and two designers from the younger generation, and received the Prime Minister's Award 15 out of 17 times (as of 2019) at Hakata-ori appraisal contests where the finest Hakata-ori textiles in Japan are judged.
Hakata-ori belts have been a key part of Japanese traditional culture. Some belts consist of a grid with over 680,000 grids within it. These straps can contain as many as 8,000 warp threads.
Countless silk, gold, and silver threads come together to create a uniquely delicate, yet robust, design.

筑前織物 作業場 筑前織物 作業場

Woven belts can consist of 681,000 woven areas,
with veteran artisans designing the color for each area.

筑前織物 作業場 筑前織物 作業場

Featuring between 6,000 to 10,000 threads,
the bands are firmly struck into shape so that the weft yarn becomes nearly invisible.

筑前織物 作業風景
筑前織物 作業風景 筑前織物 作業風景 筑前織物 作業風景
筑前織物 作業風景
筑前織物 作業風景 筑前織物 作業風景 筑前織物 作業風景


ムービー ムービー

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筑前織物 博多織 NATOシェイプストラップ

Chikuzen Orimono Hakataori
NATO Shape Strap

¥6,000 (2 colors)

The design is based on the standard black-and-white pattern of the "Kenjo Pattern", with black leather for the "Tokko" and white leather for the "Kasara", making it easy to match with any watch. The monotone color scheme makes it easy to match with any watch.

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