Kaihara Co., Ltd.

Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture

Kaihara Denim, a pioneer of Japanese denim and the industry leader.

Established in 1893. They began making Bingo Kasuri, and have continued onto making demin over 120 years. They are unique in creating denim for jeans by combining traditional and revolutionary technology.
They have created the machinery based on their own proprietary research to create quality materials, quality dyeing, and quality weaves.
The company boasts a domestic market share of more than 50% and is supported by well-established denim brands and high-end brands for its high quality.
KAIHARA's denim fabric has become a symbol of Japan Denim, thanks to the company's dedication to manufacturing and its willingness to take on new challenges in response to the changing needs of the times.

カイハラ 作業場 カイハラ 作業場

Threads spun from cotton. The 9600 threads will eventually transform into denim.

カイハラ 作業場 カイハラ 作業場

Denim continues to change over time, which is why we have thorough quality control.

カイハラ 作業風景
カイハラ 作業風景 カイハラ 作業風景 カイハラ 作業風景
カイハラ 作業風景
カイハラ 作業風景 カイハラ 作業風景 カイハラ 作業風景


ムービー ムービー

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Kaihara Denim Straight Shape Strap

Carefully selected raw cotton from around the world is managed and stored in a raw cotton warehouse that boasts an area of approximately 5,000 square meters. The experience and techniques cultivated in the indigo dyeing of Bingo Kasuri are sparingly utilized in rope dyeing. The fabric is woven by craftsmen specializing in selvedges on the Toyoda Automatic Loom "typeG9," a famous shuttle loom that has been uniquely improved by KAIHARA. Kaihara denim, which boasts of its overwhelming scale and quality, is now available as a strap. Enjoy the Kaihara Denim strap, which ages as well as jeans, and becomes the only one for each wearer.

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