Nishikatsura-cho, Yamanashi Prefecture

Established in 1866, this manufacturer has been weaving beautiful umbrella fabric for 150 years. Jacquard woven umbrella material by Makita Shoten, the Imperial household’s preferred umbrella manufacturer.

Katsuramachi, Yamanashi is “the birthplace of Japanese umbrellas.” This region that has long prospered with textile production is represented by the umbrella manufacturer Makita Shoten.
With each thread carefully dyed, its Jacquard woven umbrella fabrics are works of art. The Imperial household even uses Makita Shoten umbrellas, having recognized their quality and beauty.
This is the first time in Makita’s 150 year history that this umbrella fabric is being used to make watch straps. And they continues to use of the high technology and know-how cultivated in the production of fabrics and umbrellas, in challenging to make new things.

槙田商店 作業場 槙田商店 作業場

Thread dyed with natural Fuji water creates a glossy shine.

槙田商店 作業場 槙田商店 作業場

12,000 threads woven horizontally and vertically into a beautiful pattern.

槙田商店 作業風景
槙田商店 作業風景 槙田商店 作業風景 槙田商店 作業風景
槙田商店 作業風景
槙田商店 作業風景 槙田商店 作業風景 槙田商店 作業風景


ムービー ムービー

Line up

槙田 グラフィックジャガード

Kyoto Showen Silk Kumihimo Strap

This is now the third installment in Makita series, bringing a high-quality touch to all contexts, whether formal or casual.

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槙田 トラディショナル シェイプ

Makita Traditional Shape

The dragonfly pattern is also adopted by Makita Shoten's original umbrella. In Yamanashi we often see motifs of dragonfly, but in reality dragonflies fly only towards the front so they are called "winning bugs", so Sengoku Commander, including Takeda Shingen, used inside armor There was history. A dragonfly motif symbolizing Yamanashi with a Makita shop is an icon representing the story of MUSUBU PROJECT this time.

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槙田 NATO タイプ

Makita NATO Type

"Stripe print" which british dignity drifts against a dragonfly pattern reminiscent of sum. It is a pull-through type strap making use of a straight line. Recommended for dressing of business scenes, such as suit. Two colors of leather are also available. While colorful, it has a classic taste.

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