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A high-performance mechanical watch, instilled with Japanese spirit and craftsmanship.

Japanese watchmaking techniques are being gradually lost.
Manufacturing locations are being shifted to cheaper locations overseas, and there are now hardly any cases where the inscription “Made in Japan” can be seen on affordably priced mechanical watches being sold in Japan; with only a portion of highly-priced mechanical timepieces now being produced domestically.
Japanese made mechanical watches. But today, the Japanese people who we would really like to lovingly wear them are not buying them. Is this really acceptable for the Japanese watch industry? As the market is lost, it also becomes increasingly difficult to pass on Japanese watchmaking techniques.
Knot’s flagship model, the AT38, was born out of that sense of crisis for the industry, and out of our desire to communicate the charm and appeal of mechanical watches two users who have abandoned them.
With its Japanese-manufactured high-precision, high beat movement; its case, born out of the advanced metal processing techniques adopted by the country’s finest mechanical watches; and its clock face, manufactured in Japan, in an age where almost all domestic dial production has ceased…Knot has accumulated all of the Japanese watchmaking techniques that are being gradually lost into a high precision mechanical watch, and offering it at an honest price. The AT38 is a crystallization of the passion of Japanese watchmakers; an authentic, affordably-priced, Japanese-made mechanical watch that Japan can be proud of.

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“Limited Model of the year 2021”, VINTAGE.

Mechanical watches have been used for generations and are marketed as antique watches, where their charm continues to shine. The vintage texture of the watch, which is aged and tarnished, gives it an austere look and makes it a special gem. We have recreated this charm in our latest model, which is made with modern technology and the soul and work of the Japanese people.




Non-reflective coated sapphire glass

for anti-wind protection the at38 adopts same anti-reflective coated sapphire glass used in luxury watches.
This glass is coated on one side only, therefore increasing the visibility of the clock face while at the same time minimizing discoloration of the glass due to coatings.

The sign of a high performance timepiece: high beat movement

For the movement—the beating heart of the watch—Knot adopted the CITIZEN MIYOTA-made Cal.9015, a Japanese–manufactured high beat movement.
This high beat movement oscillates 28,800 times per hour (8 times a second), reducing the distance of the swing of the second hand and drastically increasing the precision of the watch.
The thickness of the Cal.9015—a mechanical movement that MIYOTA revived after a period of around 30 years as a thin-type high performance 8-beat movement—is a mere 3.9mm, unrivalled even by the Swiss-made ETA2824, which gained worldwide popularity.
The AT-38 makes maximum use of the features of the Cal.0915 movement, fitting the components into a case of 38mm in width, the standard for a dress watch, while at the same time achieving a total thickness of 10mm. In addition, because the back cover of the watchcase is a clear, see-through back, the wearer can also see the internal workings of the watch with their own eyes.

"Sallaz Polishing" is synonymous with luxury Japanese made mechanical watches.
A clear mirror-finished case, polished to perfection by the hands of skilled craftmen.

The case of AT38 is produced by Hayashi Seiki Seizo Co., Ltd., who manufacture watchcases for Japan’s finest mechanical watches. The base material is 316L surgical stainless steel, an ultrapure stainless steel used for applications in the medical field worldwide. Our watchcases are manufactured from start to finish, from their initial blanking from stainless steel plate, at Hayashi Seiki Seizo’s production plant at Sukagawa, in Fukushima prefecture. The stainless steel blanks are first heated to approximately 1,200°C using a blast furnace. They are then forged by repeated hammering in eight differently-shaped molds, in a process called forging. This increases the density of the metal creating a strong, hard case.
The mirror-polishing technique that gives the hard, rough-edged cases their beautiful even finish is Hayashi Seiki Seizo’s world-class “Sallaz” polishing technique. It is not uncommon for this Sallaz polishing to be used in Japanese luxury watches. There are also many expert craftsmen in Japan with the high level of skill that this polishing technique demands. The ability to draw different expressions from the same material by careful polishing of each part is a high level skill that Hayashi Seiki Seizo is capable of providing precisely because of its veteran engineers.

Continuing to create beautiful pieces of metal work, at its world class precision metal processing plant

Hayashi Seiki Seizo is a Fukushima-based manufacturer that prides itself on its world-class precision metal processing techniques. The company has produced watchcases since the time of its initial founding, and still manufactures cases for the finest Japanese luxury watches today. Hayashi Seiki Seizo is also highly regarded for passing on the Sallaz polishing skills and techniques used in the production of its luxury watchcases, and was awarded the grand prize at Fukushima prefecture’s 4th Utsukushima Monozukuri manufacturing awards in 2011.

A crystallization of skills and techniques with a particular insistence on continuing manufacturing in Japan.
A mechanical watch with the letters "made in Japan" etched onto its clock face.

Everything about the AT38 pays particular attention to being “as authentically Japanese-made as possible” down to each individual part, not only in terms of its assembly,
but also in the manufacture of parts such as its clock face, which revives almost-lost Japanese index (clock face component) placing techniques.

Clock face manufacturing partner: Selectra Co., Ltd.

Precision assembled to preserve and maintain quality.
Index placement techniques revived by a long and well-established watchmaking factory.

Selectra runs on of a small handful of long-standing watchmaking factories in Akita prefecture. It is one of the few watchmaking firms in Japan to be equipped with a clean room, and has long specialized in watchmaking for major watch manufacturers and repair of luxury watch repair. The company’s reliable techniques and skills are highly regarded from all quarters.



The case of AT38 is produced by Hayashi Seiki Seizo Co., Ltd., who manufacture watchcases for Japan’s finest mechanical watches.



●Model number: AT-38  
●Number of jewels used: 24  
●Type: mechanical self-winding watch  
●Timekeeping precision: average daily error −10 seconds/+30 seconds (at normal room temperature: 5°C〜35°C)  
●Display functionality: 3 hands (hours, minutes, seconds), date  
●Beats/oscillations: 28,800 oscillations per hour  
●Drive method: mainspring (self-winding and manual winding)  
●Sustained running time: 42 hours  
●Movement guarantee period: 3 years

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