Auto Charge Sport

Fitted with a hybrid movement that utilizes an automatic (mechanical) rotor to charge a quartz movement, eliminating the need for battery replacement

The Auto Charge Sport contains a hybrid movement that combines quartz with an automatic (mechanical) rotor. The sustainable, next-generation movement boasts the same high precision as quartz while being powered by a rotating rotor, meaning you never have to worry about battery replacement. The rotor rotates as your wrist moves, generating and storing its own electricity, allowing it to be recharged in any environment.
The watch has active functions such as 20-bar water resistance and luminescence, while also sporting a fashionable design that can complement a smart look. Its tough, rugged case makes it suitable both for everyday use and outdoor activities.

The auto-charge movement generates electricity from wrist movement

Everyday wrist movement

Mechanical rotor rotates
and generates electricity

Capacitor is recharged

A durable watch that can be recharged in any environment

Thanks to its unique auto-charge movement, the watch can be recharged without needing any light or power source, whether in the middle of the night, deep in the forest, or inside a cave.
All it needs is the shake of the wrist for the automatic (mechanical) rotor to rotate and generate its own electricity, allowing the watch to be recharged in any environment.

Restart in just



Restart in just



Quick Start function to get going again in an instant

Rechargeable watches cannot usually be restarted immediately once whey run out of charge. However, the auto-charge movement automatically stops the hands if the watch remains still for a certain amount of time, preserving the residual charge. Even if the hands have stopped, the watch has a Quick Start function that allows the watch to be restarted in just one second, with two swings of the wrist.

※When the watch is restarted, the date and time will resume from the moment that the movement stopped, meaning the time will need to be set manually.


Power Reserve Indicator for checking the remaining power level

When the button is pressed, the second hand accelerates forward to show how much power remains.

Click Tap

When the button is pressed, the second hand accelerates forward to show how much power remains.

The second hand can accelerate in four different ways to indicate the residual charge

  • 5-second acceleration →Approx. 2 days remaining

  • 10-second acceleration →Approx. 7 days remaining

  • 20-second acceleration →Approx. 1 month remaining

  • 30-second acceleration →Approx. 6 month remaining (fully charged)

When the actual time catches up with the second hand’s position, it resumes ticking again.

When the actual time catches up with the second hand’s position, it resumes ticking again.

Accelerates 10 seconds ahead of the current time

Automatically returns to regular second-hand operation after 10 seconds have elapsed


A subtle gradient design lends the dial extra depth. Its radiant sunray finish is combined with a gradient change towards the outer edge, blending the color in with the black bezel. The high quality finish makes the watch suitable not only for casual wear, but for business occasions too.

The case is thick and sturdy, as though carved from a block, making for a rugged design with a solid appearance.
The watch features a tough case which allows you to sense the movement of the internal rotor. Combined with its active functions, the robust build makes it ready for use in outdoor situations. This versatility and toughness mean it can be worn in all kinds of settings, from business casual to outdoor activities.

Unidirectional bezel

The rotating bezel lets you check how much time has elapsed by aligning the bezel mark with the minute hand. This model features a unidirectional rotating bezel, which is a standard feature of dive watches. The bezel function only rotates counterclockwise to prevent it from being accidentally rotated clockwise, since extended dives can be fatal for divers.

※This model is not a dive watch, but the bezel is a useful feature for checking the elapsed time from a set point in everyday life.

Screw-locking crown

Rather than a standard pull-out crown, which is operated simply by pulling and pushing, a screw-locking crown can only be pulled out once it has been loosened.
As well as being pushed in, the crown can also be locked into position by turning the screw, retaining a high level of water resistance.

※Water resistance cannot be ensured unless the crown is firmly tightened. To do this, press the crown lightly while turning it, until it stops.

The watch’s water resistance means it can be worn in a wide variety of situations, from everyday life to water activities, including household tasks, swimming, and surfing. The screw-locking crown prevents water from entering the mechanism.

※20-bar water resistance can withstand up to 20 atmospheres of pressure. It is not a dive model and cannot be used for diving or other such activities.

The hour markers, hour, minute and second hands, and the unidirectional bezel at 12 o’clock are coated with luminous paint to aid visibility in the dark. It is also possible to put on the watch in the dark without mistaking the top and bottom. The hands are designed for legibility with a large luminescent area. The tips of the hands themselves are thin by design, so the time can be easily read even in bright light.

The see-through case back lets you observe the movement of the automatic (mechanical) rotor.
The design features the Knot logo floating on gray smoked glass.

In hope of a sustainable future

Knot’s new SUSTINO® Series has been created with a bright environmental future in mind. The case back features the SEIGAIHA wave pattern as a Kissho motif – an endless succession of gentle waves expressing a wish for a future world of peace, harmony and sustainability.


Surgical Stainless Steel SUS316L / Silver Polish


Sapphire glass

【Water resistance】




【Normal usage accuracy】

Average±20 seconds per month ( at room temperature : 5℃ to 35℃ )

【Warranty period】

1 years for movement


Diameter 40mm / Thickness 11.5mm / 60g



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