Knot original D-buckle

Protect your wristwear and keep your arms looking good at all times.

Knot's original D-buckle is an item to keep your leather strap beautiful for a long time, just like taking care of your precious leather bag or shoes. The Knot original D-buckle not only protects your leather strap, but also prevents it from slipping off when you put on or take off your wrist wear.

product list
  • Minimal damage to the strap

    It is designed to be worn without applying excessive force when wearing the strap and to prevent it from being bent.

  • Easy to put on and prevent wristwear from slipping

    When the D-buckle is attached, the top and bottom of the strap are always connected, which prevents the strap from slipping on and off.

How to wear

How to remove

Available in four colors to match Knot's timepieces

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