The original display & colloection case

The original display & collection case is a perfect reproduction of the iconic center table from the Maker's Watch Knot gallery shop, which will let you take your enjoyment of Knot products to the next level.

The Knot watch case was created in response to a request from a Knot customer who wanted to enjoy the custom-made experience at home.
This case has been designed in the style of the Knot gallery shop's central table, making the joy of owning a Knot even more special.

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  • A gallery shop center table in a compact size

    The iconic center table from the Maker's Watch Knot gallery shop is perfect reproduced into a home size.
    Display your collection and enjoy customizing it.

  • Ample storage capacity

    It is designed to store six watches and six two-piece straps and two pull-out straps.
    In addition, the thickness of the strap is designed to allow for stacking of the straps.

  • Optional plates for your growing collection

    Optional plates are available to extend the storage for those who have a large collection. We have made the dividers wide enough for versatile use.

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