SHINDO nylon
NATO type/straight shape

The ultimate nylon strap, developed in collaboration with SHINDO, a MUSUBU partner

SHINDO got its start in the 1970s as a manufacturer of textile products. Their expertise in weaving techniques allows them to produce everything from lovely decorative ribbons to carbon materials used on jet engines. Due to this expertise, they receives orders from European haute couture brands, and their fabrics are used in Japanese national teams' uniforms -- a testament to their quality and technical merits. With thorough quality control, an excellent fit when worn, high functionality through advanced water repellency, and vivid colors and luster through a beautiful weave, the result is the ultimate made in Japan nylon strap.

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Vivid hue and luster created through complex weaving techniques

Commitment to reproduction of exact colors in the dyeing process and attention to uniformity and detail in the made in Japan way produces high quality weaves.
The colors used, and beauty of the weave, enhance the texture to the fullest.

Super functional: water repellent, light weight, durable, and washable

Perspiration and debris can be washed away with water, and the lightweight and durable design make it perfect for the warmer seasons. This item is a sure winner for all sorts of uses.

commitment to made in Japan quality

This nylon strap is a Maker's Watch Knot original, a high quality made in Japan item. Japanese artisans produce this piece, noted for its lovely weave and smooth touch.

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  • SHINDO Co. Ltd has been founded as a manufacturer of apparel subsidiary materials such as tape and ribbon in 1970. From ribbons to carbon material for jet engines. SHINDO's weaving and knitting techniques are used to great effect. As a manufacturer, SHINDO are constantly developing products with the consumer in mind, responding to ever-changing world conditions and social systems, and addressing environmental concerns, safety and security.



"Weaving" and "knitting" techniques have been developed since the founding of the company. Proprietary technology, ranging from a single ribbon to a jet engine, gives wristwear endless possibilities.

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