Premium series

Smart fit bracelet

Fits the case with micron precision. A special strap created exclusively for our mechanical watches.

For the first time, Knot has created a special strap exclusively for our premium mechanical watches. The strap has the reassuring weight of a premium model and an attractive shape which perfectly fits the case without any gap, while remaining at an accessible price point.

Devotion to design.
Elegance befitting of our premium models.

Seamless transition from
lines to curves.
Designed for an elegant
fusion of case and strap.

The strap is designed to create a smooth gradation from the lines of the links to the contours of the case. It has been engineered to micron precision, with a perfectly fitting end piece which does not allow even the smallest gap.

Robust, premium weight
for an authentic feel in the hand.

Harnessing the characteristic weight of solid metal rather than curves processed from thin sheets, the strap has a solid feel to suit our premium models.

Beautifully contrasting
for a perfect finish.

The mirror finish running through the middle contrasts with hairline brushed metal on either side, creating a luxurious, textured effect when it catches the light.

Quality and price without compromise.
Behind the development process.

Product details

  • D-buckle

    Single-action D buckle for attach and release, reducing the risk of the watch being dropped.

  • Link adjustment pack

    Includes a special tool to add and remove links for the perfect strap length.

  • Exclusive combination package

    The strap can be included together with the watch in a special box set.

Tutorial video

Style and fashion

The LD-16 is a precision strap.
Select the right version for your watch’s case.

LD-16 for the AT-38
(Three-hands date model)

The older and newer versions of the AT-38 watch differ slightly. Please check the side of the watch’s case carefully before purchasing.*

For older models with no through-holes in the sides of the case, purchase the strap from here


For newer models with through-holes in the sides of the case, purchase the strap from here

LD-16 for the ATC-40
(Chronograph model)
LD-16 for the AT-40S
(Sports model)
* Since the strap is made to fit the case with micron-level precision, the AT-38 strap cannot be replaced with the ATC-40 strap. We thank you for your understanding.
* If the watch is the same part number but a different color, the strap can be replaced.
* Since the strap has been designed to leave the smallest possible gap, even compatible models will require a certain amount of force when fitting.
* Since the strap is attached at a contact point between the easy lever (spring bar) and the side of the case, a small scratch will be left at the contact point (both on the case and the strap).

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