Gift box for strap

For people who love Maker's Watch Knot wristwear.
The strap gift that expands your fashion.

Maker's Watch Knot offers watch gifts that connect people through gifts and weave the stories of their lives. Watches are a popular gift item for both men and women. However, our goal is not to give a gift, but to give a life with Knot to both the giver and the receiver. Whether it's a graduation, enrollment, or employment event to celebrate the start of a new life, Mother's Day or Father's Day to express your gratitude, a birthday or Christmas to celebrate a special occasion, a holiday trip to the store with your loved one to choose a strap, or a customization session with your family while browsing the website, Knot is there for you. Enjoy your conversations, outings, and sharing watches and straps with your loved ones with us.

  • Many couples, families and friends use Knot wristwear together.
    We get a lot of calls from people who want to give a strap as a gift.
    Just by changing the strap, you can change the impression of your watch and feel like you have a new one.
    The "Easy Lever" allows you to change the strap without any tools,
    so you can further expand your coordination by changing the strap depending on the day.

    This is why we have prepared a special gift box for the strap.
    How about giving the gift of a strap to someone who loves Knot?
    You can choose from two colors, white and gray,
    to match the occasion or the person you are giving it to.
    The box we use for strap wrapping is made of paper that
    feels good on the skin and makes you happy the moment you hold it in your hand.
    We hope you will give it as a gift to that special someone.
    This is a strap gift that will expand the range of your wrist wear
    and make fashion more fun and enjoyable for you.

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