The Tonneau’s supple form beautifully complements the wrist, and it is crafted from high-quality materials.

The CT-27 has exquisite attention to detail, with a slim, supple form, curved sapphire glass, and Roman numerals inspired by antique watches. Naturally, the watch can be worn with any of your favorite straps, making it the perfect addition to your favorite outfit.


Elegant, curved form with a compact size, gently curving around the wrist

Tonneau means “barrel” in French, with a slight swell at the center. It is a classic form that has been used in ornate watches for centuries. The Knot Tonneau has been designed to be compact in size, with a curve that elegantly fits around the wrist.

Elegant, traditional design

The hours are marked by Roman numerals, taking inspiration from antique watches, creating a sophisticated appearance.
The watch is adorned with Dauphine hands, which are often used in dress watches. They are sculpted with a tapered shape to accentuate the beauty of the contrasting light.

Scratch resistant, clear, and easy to read

Sapphire glass

Sapphire glass is used as the crystal material in many luxury watches.
It is scratch resistant and will retain clear visibility for years to come.


• Case: SUS316L  
• Glass: sapphire glass (anti-reflective coating)  
• Movement: MIYOTA GL30  
• Water resistance: 3 ATM  
• Normal usage accuracy: average -20 seconds to +20 seconds per month  
• Size: diameter 27mm, thickness 7mm  
• Weight: 19.5g


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