Chronograph with stopwatch function.
The 39mm case
is recommended
for both male and female.


Chronograph watches are known for the added convenience of their stopwatch function. The sleek design of the CC-39 dates back to the traditional pocket watch, offering a sense of discipline and high legibility, suitable for both male and female. Its vintage-style push buttons and the two-counter traditional design are just some of the features that have been carefully curated for this chronograph collection.


The sub-dial positioned at 6 o’clock displays the small seconds. The long hand on the main dial, which looks like a second hand, is the hand which measures the seconds of the stopwatch. The sub-dial at 12 o’clock measures the minutes of the stopwatch. For a more detailed explanation, please see the video.

The push buttons are inspired by vintage watches. The design retains a classical flavor as well as giving a sophisticated impression.

The simple bar index of the CC-39, and the CC-39 ARABIC with its easy-to-read Arabic numerals and an inner ring featuring a tachymeter scale. Two versions of the Chronograph model – a Knot classic ever since the company’s inception.


The slim, 9mm case is comfortable for everyday use has a simple style which can match any strap. Knot uses SUS316L – a high-purity, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel used for medical scalpels – as standard. This material is pleasing to wear even for those with metal allergies, as it produces almost no metal ions.

※This does not exclude the possibility that an allergic reaction could still be experienced by some people.

Sapphire glass crystal is made of the same composition as sapphire gemstone. All Knot watches are created using scratch-resistant sapphire glass which measures 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, second only to diamond which is rated 10.


Size Image

Male model with 180mm
wrist circumference

Male model with 160mm
wrist circumference

Female model with 150mm
wrist circumference

Female model with 140mm
wrist circumference

Size is an important aspect when selecting a watch. Measuring 39mm in diameter is large and has a strong presence on the wrist, but it is still suitable for both men and women.
The average adult wrist circumference is 16.8cm for men and 15.4cm for women*. Taller people tend to have larger wrist sizes, even if they are slimmer.

※According to AIST Human Body Dimensions Database 1991-1992.



□ Made in Japan
□ Water resistance : 3 ATM for everyday life
□ Movement: EPSON YM91
□ Average monthly precision: ±20 seconds
□ Size and weight: Diameter 39mm, thickness 9mm, lug width 18mm, weight 33g
Silver case ¥23,100 /
IP color case ¥24,200

This watch has a battery-powered quartz movement that requires battery replacement.
Battery capacity varies by model, but for the CS-36 the battery needs to be replaced every 1.5 to 2 years.

  • ・The battery can be replaced at any Knot Gallery Shop in Japan for ¥1,650 (including tax), which also includes replacement of the rubber gasket on the back cover and a water-resistance test.
  • ・In normal periods, the process takes about 15 minutes. However, during busy periods, it may be necessary to wait several hours, or even several days.
  • ・It is also possible for us to replace the battery at the Knot Customer Service Center Repair Desk by mail. Shipping costs will be borne by the customer when the item is sent, and by Knot when it is returned. Alternatively, you can have the battery replaced by your local watch specialist.

TO: Maker's Watch Knot Customer Service Center - Repair Desk
LE LIEN Kichijoji T-3F, 2-15-6 Kichijojihon-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo
180-0004 JAPAN
TEL 0800-555-7010

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