Customized gift box

Express your feelings to a loved one with the gift of a Knot watch.

Maker's Watch Knot presents the gift of a watch, connecting people to one another and weaving the story of a life. A wristwatch makes a popular gift item for both men and women. However, we wanted the goal to be not simply a gift but for both the giver and the recipient to have a life with Knot. Whether you’re celebrating the beginning of a new life on the day of high school graduation, college admission, or a first job, the everyday gratitude of Mother's Day or Father's Day, or special days like birthdays or Christmas, you can go to the store to choose a strap, or enjoy the fun of customizing a watch on our website with your family. So why not enjoy these situations–whether it’s a conversation or a day out, sharing watches or straps–because Knot is there?

  • Select colors and quantity

    As a wedding gift for both partners, this set of two watches is suitable for a couple; or as a gift for a lover, friend or family member, with just one watch; we have boxes with tray arrangements for each.
    The boxes also come in two colors, white and gray, so you can choose according to the recipient and use.

  • Gift Cards & Messages that keep on giving

    You can enclose a gift card for 1,000 yen or 5,000 yen that can be used at any Maker's Watch Knot gallery shop. The recipient can enjoy customizing their watch even more by purchasing an additional strap to match.
    You can also enclose an original message card that you can fill out yourself.

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