Kaihara Denim
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Strap by Kaihara Denim, a pioneer of Japanese denim and the industry leader

Founded in 1893. The company was founded in Hiroshima Prefecture, and has devoted itself for 120 years to Bingo Kasuri fabric, and weaves denim today. Kaihara Denim's commitment to integrated manufacturing has allowed them to offer tradition, innovation, and technical expertise that is unmatched. They have developed proprietary machinery out of their own research, and are committed to quality in fabrics, dyeing, and weaving. Now, we present a collaboration with the legendary Kaihara Denim. As Knot's first denim strap, this product also features Tochigi Leather on the reverse side for a luxurious design.

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Enjoy color fading of denim

The ideal coloration is achieved by adding a secret indigo dye, and repeatedly dyeing the threads and exposing them to the air to oxidize them.
The timing is fine tuned to suit the weather each day.
The culmination of these processes results in an indigo blue and beautiful edging.

It has a jeans-like design as an hommage to denim

We used Tochigi leather from one of the world’s finest tanners.
The case leather, which is also used on the hip labels, on the jeans, brings an oil-like depth, which allows you to enjoy the aging of the fabric, as you would with denim.
We also created an re-formed the Kaihara Denima brand logo to create an original engraved logo.
This special design is only available on our straps.
Further, the holes used to fit arm size contain stainless rivets.
They are the same as those used around jean pockets, for a detail only found on denim items.

Exclusive logo embossed on Knot straps

The Kaihara Denim brand logo is also a unique, redesigned logo exclusively for this piece. This special re-imagining of the logo is available only in Knot straps.

  • Handcraft

  • Kaihara Denime Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells denim, the material used to make jeans, and is the only country in Japan that also spins, dyes, weaves, and processes its materials.
    They provide fabrics to jeans manufacturers world wide, and are the largest domestic manufacturer and exporter.



Established in 1893. They began making Bingo Kasuri, and have continued onto making demin over 120 years. The high quality of these products has earned them the support of well-established denim brands and high brands, the one and only Japanese denim recognized by the world.

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