Titanium Solar Chronograph

High-spec watch condensing functions active in the life scene

The Maker's Watch Knot redefines new standard of solar watch, TITANIUM SOLAR WATCH "TS1-36". In addition to the functionality of the TS1-36 series, the chronograph "TSC-39" adopted a sporty and POP design is coming.

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You can use your own style and color of your choice.

Wide range of colors

It's easy to match with casual styles.
From weekdays to holidays, we have a wide range of lineups to choose from to suit every occasion and style.

The weight only 21.5g,

Titanium is lighter than stainless steel with a specific gravity of about 1/2

Your active, reliable partner.

10 ATM water resistant

Water resistant of 10 atmospheres in everyday life, it is a reliable toughness specification that you can use with confidence in outdoor and sweaty active scenes with many water fields.

If there's light, it won't stop, no need to replace the batteries.

Solar movement

The solar movement generates electricity by lighting at the solar battery unit on the back of the dial, accumulates electricity in the secondary battery (rechargeable battery), and drives it.
Adopt high-spec solar movement that allows you to charge for the day's operation in about 47 minutes in the general office (500 lux).

*Although secondary batteries are guaranteed performance of 70% or more capacity after 10 years, long-term maintenance · battery replacement is necessary.

You can tell the time even in the dark.
Phosphorescent paint for increased visibility.

The indexes and hour and minute hands are coated with luminescent material that stores light when exposed to sunlight or indoor lighting and allows the time to be read for a set period of time, even in the dark.
A large area of light-storing material is used to improve legibility in the dark.

Scratch-resistant, clear and easy to read sapphire glass

Sapphire glass is the material used in the windshield of many luxury watches. It is scratch resistant and will maintain clear visibility for years to come, even when worn in active situations.

Sounds for important appointments
Surprisingly useful alarm function.

In addition to the chronograph function, this watch has an alarm function. It sounds at a pre-set time to prevent you from forgetting important appointments.
The time for the alarm can be found on the in-dial at 6 o'clock on the dial.


●Movement : Made in Japan solar movement (EPSON VS72)  
●Case : Titanium  
●Glass : Sapphire glass  
●Water resistance : 10ATM for daily life  
●Average monthly difference : ±20 seconds  
●Size : Diameter 39mm Thickness 11.5mm  
●Weight : 34.5g


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