Tochigi leather
Straight shape

Full-grain Tochigi leather strap with an elegant sheen and a beautiful grained texture

This Tochigi leather is treated with Vono Oil to bring out its natural texture as it ages – the hallmark of full-grain leather. As time goes by, you can appreciate the leather’s enhanced appearance. The design features a straight shape inspired by waist belts, with minimal stitching for a clean finish. A classic, universal design befitting of any wrist.


Vono Oil

for a strong strap with an elegant sheen

Vono Oil is used in the tanning process to make the strap more supple and durable, and gives the strap a smooth feel and attractive shine.
The oil also draws out the leather’s natural qualities, allowing it to take on a subdued color and enhance the full-grain leather texture over time.

Minimalist design

with minimal stitching

The square, straight shape is inspired by waist belts, with minimal stitching used for a clean appearance.
This design is 10mm longer than the others in the series, created to suit thicker wrists.

  • Handcraft

  • Handcrafted by skilled artisans specialized in watch straps, from cutting the leather to finishing the edges, to stitching the side stitches.
    The reverse side is made from Nume (case) vegetable tanned leather, an exceptional material which further adds to the strap’s quality.



Tochigi leather is tanned exclusively with natural vegetable tannin, making it truly “one of a kind”.

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