Silicone Rubber
Tapered shape

Made in Japan silicone rubber strap outstanding functionality and durability

Silicone rubber straps are a go-to solution for wristwatch straps, given that they are water repellent and offer a comfortable fit even in the hotter months. Generally speaking, these types of straps have a casual and sporty look, but have developed an image of being not very durable, or causing perspiration on the skin. Seeking to update silicone rubber straps for business use in the heat of summer, Knot has designed a new solution that looks stylish and wears well. The shape is kept simple and clean, making it the perfect fit for both business use alongside a sport jacket, or in casual ensembles. The reverse side is embossed to alleviate contact with the skin and reduce perspiration, while enhancing the fit. The materials are, true to the Knot commitment to quality, made in Japan. We partnered with Silicone Techno Co., Ltd., a leader in silicon rubber molding in Japan, to produce these silicone straps. The company's silicon rubber is molded in completely sterile clean room environments and provides the highest quality, being used in medical equipment and automotive products. The new silicone rubber collaboration strap brings Knot's commitment to made in Japan quality, a design that is at home in casual and business contexts, and outstanding functionality and durability.

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Teparted shape

Featuring a tapered shape often found in leather straps, where the tip becomes narrower. Also referred to as a traditional shape, this design is a universal silhouette that has been used everywhere from business, to formal, to casual contexts.

A beautiful profile and silhouette. Comfortable fit and feel

Silicone products created in molds tend to show seams, giving them an inexpensive, inferior appearance. We developed a design to conceal the seams and ensure that the product is beautiful through and through. The surface is coated to produce a luxurious, matte look and smooth texture when worn.

Tough and stretchable silicone is hard-wearing for years of use

Leather straps can be prone to wear and tear due to perspiration and moisture. Knot's silicone rubber strap presents a hard-wearing, durable solution to this problem. The added stretch and softness of the strap ensures that it fits cleanly on the wrist.

Spend the hotter months in comfort

The back side is embossed to reduce the area of direct contact with the skin. With enhanced breathability, the watch is more comfortable, making it indispensable for the hardworking adult.

Silicone rubber strap made in Japan

This strap features silicone rubber developed exclusively by Silicone Techno Co., Ltd. in Saitama Prefecture. Equipped with high-end clean room facilities, the company manufactures everything from everyday items to medical supplies, and has advanced technical expertise.

Reliable quality

This watch is made of high quality silicon, which is used in diver's watches, where safety is a major concern. This material is more resistant to tearing and pulling than the average watch.


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