View the changing face of the moon on your wrist,
with the romantic Moon Phase watch

With the Moon Phase quartz watch, you can see the current phase of the moon, such as a full or crescent moon, by checking the rotating moon phase plate. The mysterious and romantic beauty of the moon’s changing phases give the watch face an added touch of splendor. The CMP-38 has a triple calendar with separate sub-dials for the month, date, and day of the week.

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Have fun mixing and matching straps with Knot – one for every day, another chosen for a season or outfit

  • Umbrella fabric straps from Makita Shoten, a maker of umbrella fabrics for the Imperial Household to this day. The auspicious dragonfly pattern, which was favored by daimyo Shingen Takeda, is ideal for those days when you want an extra dose of good luck.

  • The raised Nubuck Leather strap is only available in autumn and winter. Switching the watch strap for a deep burgundy or olive green design will create a completely different effect.


With a 39mm case and stopwatch function,
the CC-39 chronograph the perfect fit for men’s wrists

Chronograph watches are known for being equipped with a stopwatch function. This Knot classic chronograph has a slightly larger 39mm case inspired by a pocket watch, with vintage-style stud-shaped push buttons and two beautifully radiant counter dials.

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Have fun mixing and matching straps with Knot – one for every day, another chosen for a season or outfit

  • Our Waterproof Leather strap is a firm favorite, made from soft leather which is resistant to water, offering comfort and convenience even in the hot summer months.

  • Hakata-ori is renowned for its use in high-grade kimono obi belts. This strap adorned with the Kenjo pattern, which was considered a dedication item in the Edo period, makes for an elegant fashion enhancement.


The ever-popular mechanical Open Heart CAP-38,
revealing the beating heart of its time-keeping mechanism

Mechanical watches are driven by the force of the mainspring as it gradually unwinds. With an open heart watch you can see the movement of its balance wheel – the beating heart of time – unique to the mechanical system. The watch has a slim case which makes it suitable for business use, and it is a popular choice as a pair design for both men and women.

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Have fun mixing and matching straps with Knot – one for every day, another chosen for a season or outfit

  • Kumihimo strap made from woven silk, by Shoen Kumihimo of Kyoto. This exclusive Shoen Kumihimo strap uses a Komaori weaving technique with an Aya stripe pattern.

  • Kaihara is a pioneer in Japanese denim fabric, serving more of the Japanese market than any other manufacturer. Its immaculately designed jeans-style strap is ideal for casual wear.


Limited edition Christmas gift boxes


Special Christmas gift boxes are available from November 29th 2022. They can hold up to two watches and two straps – the perfect size for a gift for two. Make the most of the customization that only Knot offers, by giving a watch and two straps as a set.
* Please note that this gift box may not be used with the ATC-40 and AT1-40S series.

Gift engraving option

The engraving option lets you inscribe an anniversary date, initials, or message on the back of the watch. Even with two completely different watches and straps, you can choose to engrave the same message on each, which only the couple will know. Engraving is especially popular for watches given as gifts.

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