Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture

Established in 1937: Tochigi leather is tanned exclusively with natural vegetable tannin, making it truly “one of a kind”

Tochigi leather is renowned for being “one of a kind”, thanks to its wholly natural vegetable tanning process. The leather is 100% vegetable tanned, soaked in 160 pits filled with naturally occurring tannin. The leather is dipped into the tanks, from the lightest to the darkest, gradually permeating the leather over time. Once treated piece by piece, it is slowly dried to become the famously soft, mallow, fragrant, high-quality Nume (case) leather that Tochigi is known for.
Another source of pride for Tochigi leather is its commitment to the environment.
Approximately 900 tons of water are used in the leather tanning process. The factory is equipped with a unique large-scale purification system, the first of its kind, which uses bacteria, microorganisms, and enzymes to filter and purify the sludge before it is returned to the river.

作業場 作業場

70 years of natural vegetable tanning

作業場 作業場

Made by the eyes, hands and hearts of artisans

作業風景 作業風景 作業風景
作業風景 作業風景 作業風景


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Tochigi leather is tanned exclusively with natural vegetable tannin, making it truly “one of a kind”.



NATO Type Strap

NATO straps look great when out and about, and they traditionally had a strong military connotation. With Knot’s reimagining of the NATO strap, they are perfect for business use and for outfits worn by any gender. The strap is made from Jeans leather (the type of leather used for jeans labels), which is one of the softest Tochigi leathers. Infused with oil for an attractive sheen, it adapts to your wrist every time you wear it. This means the strap does not become loose when worn on a smaller wrist.

オリジナル メッシュ ストラップ

Original Mesh Strap

A masterpiece created from Jeans leather, individually hand woven by skilled artisans for the best fit. The strap molds to your wrist over time, letting you enjoy the unique appearance of Tochigi leather tanned with naturally occurring tannin. Available in seven colors, the Knot concept of “today's watch for today's clothes” has been realized with the utmost quality.

トラディショナル シェイプストラップ

Traditional Shape Strap

The long-awaited classic strap for the Tochigi leather series is made from Vono Aniline leather. Its boat-shaped design is ideal for casual as well as dressier formal styles. Handcrafted by skilled artisans specialized in watch straps, from cutting the leather to finishing the edges, to stitching the side stitches. The reverse side is made from Nume (case) vegetable tanned leather, an exceptional material which further adds to the strap’s quality.

ストレート シェイプ ストラップ

Straight Shape Strap

This Tochigi leather is treated with Vono Oil to bring out its natural texture as it ages – the hallmark of full-grain leather. As time goes by, you can appreciate the leather’s enhanced appearance. The design features a straight shape inspired by waist belts, with minimal stitching for a clean finish. A classic, universal design befitting of any wrist.