Himeji leather
Traditional shape

Vivid color and elegant patterns
Straps that make your wrist shine

Vivid color and bold expression, available in a range of hues and made from Himeji leather – a material renowned for its brilliant color. The thin, resilient leather fits perfectly around the wrist for a comfortable watch-wearing life. The leather is carefully handcrafted with meticulous attention to quality, even down to the invisible inside, making the strap highly durable. Whether for business or casual wear, it can accompany you on every day.


Smooth elasticity for a great fit

The raw hides are from dairy cattle, which are considered gentler and more supple than beef cattle, and the hides are also thinner with greater elasticity.
The leather is carefully ironed many times during the leather-making process, making it smooth and soft, molding to your wrist for a comfortable fit.

Available in a multitude of beautiful colors

One of Himeji leather’s greatest assets is its excellent color palate, with a delightful range of options available.
Standard black and navy blend well into a business setting. Meanwhile, brown and warm gray have an elegant, calming factor.
Red, green, white, yellow, purple etc. are bright and ideal as a fashion piece.
Adding one of these to your collection will add a touch of flair to your look.

  • Handcraft

  • To give Himeji leather its uniquely beautiful hues, we are extremely particular about the coloring process. The color is applied several times, little by little, and finally checked by the critical eyes of our artisans. The surface is then embossed for a richly expressive finish.



“We want to focus on not only the color, but also the quality of the inside that we cannot see”
– a Himeji leather tanner who continues to create each and every piece with pride.

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