Leather with water protection
Traditional shape/Straight shape

Made from high-quality, smooth leather with a waterproof finish.
Resistant to water and sweat, with a soft, supple texture.


The leather with water protection strap is uniquely treated with 3M’s Scotchgard™ leather protector as an integral part of the leather’s manufacturing and tanning process, rather than having waterproofing components applied only to the surface. It has the look and feel of leather used in a luxury sofa, while benefiting from complete waterproofing. The leather finishing is also applied to the sides of the strap, making for a supple, comfortable fit.


The strap is made from high-quality smooth leather, which is also used in high-end luxury sofas. Unlike synthetic leather, genuine Japanese smooth leather maintains its softness while undergoing the waterproofing process.
The leather also covers the sides of the strap for a supple, comfortable fit.

Stains, sweat and accidental spills can be easily washed away with cold water to remove any marks.

Supple yet resilient, the strap can be depressed like a memory foam cushion before returning to its original shape.The strap is available in both a longer straight shape, and a standard tapered shape.



Lug width size is
the same:18mm

All Knot watches are made with 18mm lug widths (the part of the watch where the strap is attached), but there are two different buckle sizes depending on the strap shape.
Please carefully check the buckle size for each strap before purchasing.

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