Tkata orimono tatami beri
Straight shape

Fabrics supporting Japanese traditional culture "Takata fabric" tatami rim strap

Tatami is a Japanese culture that has been recognized worldwide as "TATAMI". I sublimated that tradition I forgotten to list wear. A tatami-rim that gives tatami mateness to a variety of patterns. It got out of the interior and was reborn into a fashion item that gives individuality to the arm.
Enjoy a casual clothing strap featuring Japanese culture.

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Neat latticed with motif of Kurashiki's Kura-yashiki

The most standard rhomboid as textile used for tatami mats,
Adopted lattice pattern that compared to "Namako Wall" which is often found in samurai residences in Kurashiki Aichi district.
I lived a tradition traditionally born from ancient Japan and a story reminiscent of Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture.

Horizontal / vertical appearance expressing the disciplined world of tatami matters

I used fine quality Tochigi leather on the back. By caught in leather, keep fraying and tatami straps
It is realized. I finished each detail horizontally and vertically following the tatami.

  • Handcraft

  • Takata Orimono has remained committed to upholding Japanese traditions and culture for 130 years and taking on innovative challenges.



Located in Kojima in Kurashiki, looking out over the Seto Inland Sea, this company has continued exploring new possibilities for tatami trim while respecting Japanese traditions and culture.

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