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The impossible watch

Whatever happened to MADE IN JAPAN? Nowadays most mechanical watches found in Japan are manufactured abroad where production costs are lower, with the MADE IN JAPAN inscription only seen on a select few luxury models.
This lack of availability also means that watchmaking techniques are being passed down the generations to an ever lesser degree.
That’s right – Japanese watchmaking is on the verge of extinction. Knot’s core ethos is therefore to create the future of manufacturing, with the creation of a mechanical watch accessible to everyone.
Thus, the AT-38 mechanical watch was born.
The ATC-40, Automatic Mechanical Chronograph, is the latest addition to our range of mechanical chronographs. But how could these components and this technology be offered at this price?
We have achieved what many would have declared impossible. From the movement to the case to the dial, the ATC-40 is the revival of Japanese watchmaking that had long been lost, and at a price that many can afford.
It’s time to experience it for yourself. The mechanical watch by Knot:
The impossible watch.


Three standard colors are available
in a variety of coordinating styles.

“Sallaz Polishing” is synonymous
with luxury Japanese-made mechanical watches

A clear mirror-finished case, polished to perfection by the hands of skilled craftsmen The case of AT-38 is produced by Hayashi Seiki Seizo Co. Ltd., a company that manufactures watch cases for Japan’s finest mechanical watches. The base material is 316L surgical stainless steel, an ultra-pure stainless steel used for applications in the medical field worldwide. Our watch cases are manufactured from start to finish at Hayashi Seiki Seizo’s production plant in Sukagawa (Fukushima prefecture), starting from the blanking of a stainless steel plate. The stainless steel blanks are heated to approximately 1,200°C using a blast furnace, and then molded by repeated hammering into eight different shapes in a process known as forging. This increases the density of the metal to create a strong, hard case.
The mirror-polishing technique that gives the hard, rough-edged cases their beautiful even finish is Hayashi Seiki Seizo’s world-class “Sallaz” polishing technique. This Sallaz polishing is rarely used even in luxury Japanese watches, and there are few expert craftsmen in Japan with the high level of skill that the polishing technique demands. The ability to achieve different looks from the same material by carefully polishing each part is an advanced technique which can be performed by Hayashi Seiki Seizo thanks to its specialist engineers.

coated sapphire glass

The crystal of the AT-38 utilizes the same level of sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating that can be found in luxury watches. The coating is on one side only, which increases the visibility of the clock face while at the same time minimizing discoloration of the glass.

Movement that stirs even
the watchmakers.

“If you use this movement, I want to work with you.”
That’s what watchmakers said to us when they saw the movement we were planning to use.
It’s a mechanical chronograph movement rarely seen even in luxury Japanese watches, and held in exceptional esteem by watchmakers. The mechanism is highly sophisticated with some 310 parts – twice the number usually found – its high-beat movement oscillating 28,800 times per hour. It’s a mechanism that will bring a smile to your face. If you listen closely, you can hear its components singing in harmony.




Surgical Stainless Steel SUS316L


Sapphire glass (Non-reflective coating)

【Water resistance】



NE88(8 beats per second / Power reserve: 42 hours)

【Number of jewels】


【Normal usage accuracy】

average -10 seconds to +30 seconds per day (at room temperature: 5°C to 35°C)


6 hands (hours, minutes, seconds, stopwatch hand (seconds), 30-minute hand, 12-hour hand), date

【Warranty period】

3 years for movement


Diameter 40mm / Thickness 13.5mm / 68g

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