Automatic Model


The luxury sports model of the Japan-made mechanical series,
with a style suitable for formal occasions

The AT1-40S luxury sports model is water resistant to 20 bar and features luminous paint which can shine for up to five hours in the dark. The design remains true to its sporting roots while having an elegant appearance.
With a case thickness of 11mm, it is slim for a sports model. The watch will easily fit under the sleeve, making it suitable for business situations as well as casual wear.
The sleek, refined design is made possible by advanced metalworking, performed at the highest level in Japan. It is the culmination of technological skill that allows us to continue producing luxurious authentic mechanical watches in Japan and offer them at an accessible price point.

A lacquered painted and polished finish
for a luxurious feel

The lacquered dial adds depth and color, conveying a sense of luxury. It features a uniquely beautiful sheen, produced by applying a clear coating to the surface which is then polished.

A sporty bezel
and a sharp hour marker design

The satin-finished bezel is engraved with Arabic numerals every five minutes, with a scale for the seconds. The sporty bezel design is combined with sharp hour markers for an overall smart appearance.

Available in three classic colors that can be matched in a variety of ways.

“Sallaz Polishing” is synonymous with luxury Japanese-made mechanical watches
A clear mirror-finished case, polished to perfection by the hands of skilled craftsmen

The mirror-polishing technique that gives the hard, rough-edged cases their beautiful even finish is Hayashi Seiki Seizo’s world-class “Sallaz” polishing technique. This Sallaz polishing is rarely used even in luxury Japanese watches, and there are few expert craftsmen in Japan with the high level of skill that the polishing technique demands. The ability to achieve different looks from the same material by carefully polishing each part is an advanced technique which can be performed by Hayashi Seiki Seizo thanks to its specialist engineers.

Lights up continuously for five hours in the dark
-Luminous paint LumiNova® is applied

Luminous paint is applied to the hour markers of the dial as well as the hour and minute hands for enhanced visibility in the dark. LumiNova® is a patented technology of Nemoto & Co. Ltd., a company that boasts a global market share of 80% and a domestic market share of almost 100% for luminous pigments. The world’s premiere luminous pigment, LumiNova® emits 10 times the brightness of conventional pigments and has more than 10 times the afterglow time. (Achieves 3mcd/m2, the standard for afterglow luminance visible in the dark after 5 hours)
※LumiNova® is the registered mark of Nemoto & Co. Ltd.

Water resistant to 20 ATM for use in a wide range of settings

The watch’s water resistance makes it wearable in more situations, including when working near water, swimming, surfing, and other water activities. The crown features a screw-lock mechanism to prevent water ingress, while a crown guard enhances robustness.

* “20 ATM” means water resistance up to 20 atmospheres. The watch it is not a diving model and cannot be used for activities such as diving.
* The crown uses a screw-lock mechanism. Water resistance cannot be ensured unless the crown is firmly tightened. Turn the crown firmly while gently pushing inward until the crown stops.



For the movement – the watch’s beating heart – Knot has adopted the Cal.9015 high-beat movement from CITIZEN MIYOTA, made in Japan. This high-beat movement oscillates 28,800 times per hour (8 times a second), reducing the distance of the swing of the second hand and drastically increasing the precision of the watch.
The Cal.9015 is a thin, high performance 8-beat movement, and the first mechanical movement to be revived by MIYOTA in 30 years. It has a thickness of just 3.9mm. The transparent back cover of the watch case allows the wearer to see the constant motion of the internal mechanical movement with their own eyes.

The crystal utilizes the same sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating found in luxury watches. The coating is on the inside of the glass, which increases the visibility of the watch face.


Surgical Stainless Steel SUS316L / Silver Polish


Sapphire glass (Non-reflective coating)

【Water resistance】

20 ATM


MIYOTA cal.9015
28,800 beats/ hour (8 beats per second)

【Number of jewels】


【Normal usage accuracy】

Average-10 seconds to +30 seconds per day ( at room temperature : 5℃ to 35℃ )


3 hands (hours, minutes, seconds), date hand

【Warranty period】

3 years for movement


Diameter 40mm / Thickness 11mm / 68g

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