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Thank you for using Maker’s Watch Knot online shop.
This is the official online store to sell Knot original wrist watches, straps, and other items produced by us.

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How to Shop

Here is describing the way to purchase our items. Please follow this page if you are first time of visiting Knot online shop.

  1. 1, Ordering the items. Please open the page “How to order”, we mention details of order.
  2. 2, We’ll send an e-mail that inform you of confirming your order to registered e-mail address.
    • ※ or incorrect email address, please keep in mind that it does not reach here e-mail if they are not normally your order.
    • ※ shipping destination is blank, etc., we will separately contact you by email if confirmed customer is required.
  3. 3, The shipping schedule is below.
    • ・If you order items on 12:00a.m. to 10:00a.m., we’ll ship them within 2 working days.
    • ・If you order items after 10:00a.m., we’ll ship them within 3 working days.
    After shipping items, you’ll get the receipt numbers through an e-mail. Please wait for an arrive of luggage.

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