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What is RADEN

The “ra” (螺) in Raden means “shell”, while “den” (鈿) signifies “inlay”. Raden is a beautiful decorative technique where the shiny inner layer of mother-of-pearl is finely processed and scattered over the surface of an “URUSHI” lacquer.
This Japanese traditional craft was brought over from China in the Nara period (710-794), refined during the Heian period (794-1185), and handed down the generations to the present day.

Contemporary Sumi Monochrome


Sumi Monochrome

Regular model with a modern twist on tradition

The Sumi Monochrome model features an arrangement of traditional Raden which is more subtle, and ideal for wearing in everyday life. The simple color of the freshwater shell is refined to a sophisticated shade using an original technique that tones down its saturation by applying a very thin coat of lacquer. This innovative variation on the Raden technique lends it a contemporary feel.


Gradient finish

The Raden decoration is arranged in an attractive gradient which transitions from the center to the outer edge. This gradation has been refined by Knot’s product designers for optimum readability of the hour markers, and hand crafted by traditional artisans.
The colors and shapes are arranged evenly, adjusting the color and size as the gradient transitions towards the edge. This intricate effect is a result which can only be achieved by the skilled hand and intuition of a master craftsman.

Outstanding skills of traditional Aizu artisans

The “traditional artisan” title is only awarded to technicians working in the manufacture of traditional crafts who possess advanced artisanal skills and techniques. The dial has been realized in collaboration with Nobuichi Otake, a traditional artisan whose style employs sophisticated technical skills and an original sense of style.

Nobuichi Otake, Traditional Artisan

Born in 1959 in Fukushima (the area formerly known as Aizu)
Upon completing high school, Nobuichi Otake initially worked at a hydroelectric power station. However, he had wanted to work as a painter ever since he was a child. He happened to learn about the Maki-e lacquer art profession while watching TV, and became an apprentice to Sone Takuo, a contemporary master artisan of Aizu lacquerware.
After five years and five months as an apprentice, he became an independent Aizu lacquerware Maki-e craftsman.

Learn more about Nobuichi Otake’s work

The Raden production process

1.Base coating

After filtering to remove any impurities, lacquer is applied to the dial so that the shell pieces can adhere to it. This must be done evenly and with the right thickness, since this will determine the final result.

2.Shell crushing

The shells are crushed into small pieces before being distributed over the dial, all entirely by hand. The shiny inner layer of the finely processed shell is carefully crushed into small and medium-sized pieces.

3.Distribution of shell pieces

Shell pieces of different colors and shapes are applied in a balanced manner according to the craftsman’s intuition. The color and shape of the shell pieces are adjusted to create a gentle gradient from the center, before finally sprinkling with fine flakes using a powder tube.

4.Coating application

The lacquer is applied again to cover the distributed shell pieces. This fills in the gaps between the shell pieces to create a Raden where the shell pieces and lacquer shine as a uniform surface.


After the layers of lacquer have thoroughly dried, the surface is polished so that the shell pieces can shine in their full glory. Through this process, the lacquer and shell pieces become smooth and shine as one. Too much polishing can cause the shell pieces to chip, so this is a highly delicate process carried out with a craftsman’s touch.

6.Color and lacquer adjustment

This process is only applied to the Sumi Monochrome dial. Normally, no color is applied on top of the shell pieces. However, to achieve Raden monochrome shades, the lacquer is gradually smoothed in a careful process to adjust its saturation, which is then polished to produce the subdued, radiant Sumi Monochrome effect.

View all processes in detail


Case finished with the advanced Sallaz mirror polishing technique
from Hayashi Seiki Seizo, exclusive to the Premium Automatic Series

Sallaz mirror polishing is an advanced finishing technique which produces a beautiful flat surface with clean edges and zero distortion. There are very few craftsmen who are able to apply Sallaz mirror polishing, which makes it a rare and precious sight. The name “Sallaz” was originally derived from Swiss processing equipment, but it is now only found in high-end Japan-made watches. The ability to give different looks to the same material by carefully polishing each part is a highly sophisticated technique performed exclusively by the experienced technicians at Hayashi Seiki Seizo.

See-through back

The model based on the three-hand AT-38 has a see-through case back which allows you to observe the movement of the Japanese-made high-beat movement.

※Please note that the ATC-40 chronograph model does not have a see-through back.



Exclusive Package

The watch is presented in a box exclusive to the Premium Automatic Series and in a special Raden inlay sleeve (the limited edition and regular edition both have the same package). The top of the box is decorated with an original plate befitting of the Premium Automatic series, engraved with the Knot logo, and an original watch cloth is also included.



Special automatic model in collaboration with Japanese craftsmanship


Standard automatic model line up suitable in various situation.


A selection of high-quality straps suitable for premium automatic models




【Case】316L stainless steel
【Crystal】Sapphire glass (single-sided anti-reflective coating)
【Water resistance】5 ATM (water resistant to 5 bar)
【Movement】MIYOTA Cal. 9015 (8 vibrations per second, 42-hour running time)
【Number of jewels】24
【Accuracy】Average -10 seconds to +30 seconds per day (at room temperature between 5°C and 35°C)
【Display features】3 hands (hours, minutes, seconds), date
【Warranty period】3 years (for movement)
【Size and weight】Diameter 38mm, thickness 10mm, weight 50g



【Case】316L stainless steel
【Crystal】Sapphire glass (single-sided anti-reflective coating)
【Water resistance】10 ATM (water resistant to 10 bar)
【Movement】NE88 (8 vibrations per second, 42-hour running time)
【Number of jewels】34
【Accuracy】Average -10 seconds to +30 seconds per day (at room temperature between 5°C and 35°C)
【Display features】6 hands (hours, minutes, small-second, stopwatch hand (seconds), 30-minute hand, 12-hour hand), date
【Warranty period】3 years (for movement)
【Size and weight】Diameter 40mm, thickness 13.5mm, weight 68g

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